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The Moon

Gibbous Moon picture, Sydney, 19-06-2011

A car alarm started going off at 5am this morning, forcing me out of bed… on the upside I had a chance to take pictures of the nearly full moon. ¬†Click for full size.

Earth Hour, Sydney 2010




Photos from last night lighting storm from our balcony.¬† If I had a car I’d turn into one of those crazy people who follows storms around taking pictures of them.

Ok, storm chaser does not have the same meaning in Sydney as it does in other parts of the world, but finally getting a shot with lightning in it is so rewarding it’s worth the half hour of waiting and the >200 photos of the same piece of sky.

Yet another storm photo


Stormy HDR

Lightning over the harbour bridge today

Yet another photo of the view..

Click for much bigger

Sydney cbd sunrise panorama

Just wait ’till I get a telescope…

More view..

Click for big. ¬ I should get around to actually using zenphoto..


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